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Writing to a man in prison. My personal experience.

Moya Atkinson, Co-coordinator, Social Workers Against Solitary Confinement October 10, 2017 Awhile ago I volunteered to be a pen pal  to someone in solitary, and contacted Stop Solitary’s Lifelines to Solitary. Solitary Watch’s amazing volunteer, Marlies Talay forwarded me the name of a prisoner currently in a New York State prison. “A” and I had […]

Behind Enemy Lines: From Slavery to Mass Imprisonment

Bonnie Kerness, Program Director AFSC Prison Watch Program Poverty Awareness Week Quinnipiac Law School April 20, 2017   My early observations of oppression in this country began when I was 12 watching television and seeing children of African descent my age in the South being hosed by police and bitten by dogs for trying to […]

Katy Liedel, “Why I joined SWASC”

My motivation to end solitary confinement began with my work at The Legal Aid Society. I went to Rikers Island and met with a 16-year-old boy. When I interviewed him for a defense report he described his life in solitary. He told me he was permitted 1 hour outside per day. He said the guards […]

On “Madness” a Reflection by Bonnie Kerness

“Madness” (Eyal Press, May 2nd) strikes horror in many of us who have been advocating on behalf of those with mental health diagnosis who end up in US prisons. The excellent investigation done in the piece is reflective of the soul ripping testimonies that many of us have received for decades. We, who have been […]

Ralph’s Story

By Erica Itzkowitz, member of Social Workers Against Solitary Confinement June 22, 2017 : I met Ralph 18 years ago, when he was11, living in a foster care home in New Rochelle, with his sister and 4 other cousins, who were also in foster care with their great aunt. He was a precocious, 11-year old, who […]


By Ken Bright: A member who was directly impacted/affected by ISOLATION while incarcerated: While in Clinton Corr. Fac. in the late 80s,  I was snatched out of general population and placed in Solitary Confinement for a non-threatening charge: having Library books that were in my possession without permission.   However, this caused me to be rounded-up […]

Hi, Moya, As promised, the subject was placed on the NEC agenda during their September meeting.  The NEC determined that although they understood the concerns and the importance of the issue being raised, they did not believe that they were the appropriate body to make a statement.  They also did not agree with the recommendation […]

NASW Response to SWASC proposal for a review of Solitary Confinement policy

Hello Moya: I wanted to follow up with you on the request of the Social Workers against Solitary Confinement (SWASC) Taskforce calling for the NASW Board to constitute a Solitary Confinement Commission to review NASW’s position on solitary confinement. The Board fully discussed the SWASC memo at its April meeting, along with a number of […]

July Newsletter Introduction from the Editors

Dear Readers: Welcome to SWASC’s e-newsletter “End Solitary”! We  STAND UP for Social Justice and Human Rights through outreach, advocacy, education and legislation in our efforts to END SOLITARY CONFINEMENT. We hope you will join us! You can contact SWASC on our website, join us on our listserv and monthly phone meeting or contact us […]