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Feeding insects in the Bing kept me from going crazy

By: Ken Bright As a member who was directly impacted/effected by ISOLATION while incarcerated.  While in Clinton Corr. Fac. in the late 80s. I was snatched out of the population and placed in Solitary Confinement for a non-threatening charge of having Library books that were in my possession without permission. However, this caused me to […]


“Trauma, Stress, and Coping Among Older Adults in Prison: Towards a Human Rights and Intergenerational Family Justice Action Agenda”. Tina Maschi (January 2015)

As the article describes, although there is a growing body of research on conditions of confinement, including older adults, many inquiries about areas of concern remain unanswered. Specifically, what are the primary traumatic experiences and stressors of the incarceration experience, including solitary confinement, and how do incarcerated older adults, many of whom have served long-term […]


Testimony In SUPPORT of House Bill 1001 – Correctional Services – Restrictive Housing – Limitations Thank you for the opportunity to comment on House Bill 1001 – Correctional Services – Restrictive Housing -Limitations.

On behalf of the National Association of Social Workers,  Maryland Chapter, we urge your support for this bill, which prevents the Department of Public Safety and Correctional Services from placing an inmate in restrictive housing for more than 15 consecutive days or a total of 20 days in a 60 day period. With specified exceptions […]


Task Force member Bonnie Kerness speaks about proposed bill to control time spent in Solitary (Nov 2012)

Thanks to Bonnie Kerness for her advocacy! “Longtime anti-solitary activist Bonnie Kerness spoke to a New Jersey radio station about a proposed bill, that if passed would limit the use of isolation in the state’s prisons to 15 consecutive days. “Solitary confinement is inhuman. It is torture. We are not solitary human beings,” Kerness said. The […]


Lockdown on Rikers Shortlisted for the 2016 Brooklyn Eagles Literary Prize

Lockdown on Rikers Shortlisted for the 2016 Brooklyn Eagles Literary Prize “Mary E Buser’s book “Lockdown on Rikers” (St. Martin’s Press 9/29/2015), was recently shortlisted in the 2016 Brooklyn Eagles Literary Prize “Mary Buser’s book, is the story of her 5-year experience in the Mental Health Department at New York City’s Rikers Island.  From idealistic intern  […]


Moya Atkinson’s testimony at the NASW annual board meeting

Moya Atkinson’s testimony at the NASW annual board meeting Testimony to the NASW Board and Membership at its Annual Meeting, June 21, 2016 My name is Moya Atkinson. I’m a member of NASW, a former executive director of the NASW Maryland Chapter (January 1993-June, 2002) and a Maryland Chapter Delegate for the 2017 Delegate Assembly. […]


Important Study on Dual Loyalty and Correctional Health Leads to Future Research and Reforms

“Social workers Mary Buser and Mary Gamble resigned from their positions as mental health clinicians in solitary confinement units because of ethical issues relating to dual loyalty. An important Study by Sarah Glowa-Kollisch and colleagues about health professionals’ grave concerns about dual loyalty in the NYC correctional health care system examines the problem in depth: