“Social workers Mary Buser and Mary Gamble resigned from their positions as mental health clinicians in solitary confinement units because of ethical issues relating to dual loyalty. An important Study by Sarah Glowa-Kollisch and colleagues about health professionals’ grave concerns about dual loyalty in the NYC correctional health care system examines the problem in depth:

http://www.hhrjournal.org/2015/03/data-driven-human-rights-using-dual-loyalty-trainings-to-promote-the-care-of-vulnerable-patients-in-jail/ “

Authors, Thomas Blair’s and Kermet Reiter’s Letter to the Editor explores the complexities, ending with the following question:  And finally, the subtext that whispers from between the lines of the article: can a penal institution, managed on correctional prerogative, serve an ethically viable therapeutic function, in the first place? http://www.hhrjournal.org/2015/07/letter-to-the-editor-and-author-response-solitary-confinement-and-mental-illness/

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