By Ken Bright:

A member who was directly impacted/affected by ISOLATION while incarcerated: While in Clinton Corr. Fac. in the late 80s,  I was snatched out of general population and placed in Solitary Confinement for a non-threatening charge: having Library books that were in my possession without permission.   However, this caused me to be rounded-up and taken into isolation (SHU) Special Housing Unit for 30 days which turned into 60 days for words exchanged between me and an over zealous, angry guard who I see was very racist.

Over my 60 days in (SHU),while in isolation   I could hear the screams, screeches and cries from grown men 24 hours a day.   These men obviously been in (SHU) longer then needed.  I myself would feel the effects of the NOISE of PAIN around me.   Many times while in isolation you see and hear the craziest conversation as  Mental deterioration affects other grown men.   Many times the (agony) would seep into my space.  I had to create ways to keep my sanity,such as Exercising or  making friends with insects. They seemed to appreciate the attention from time to time.  Many times I would share my rations with them to keep whatever humanity remained.   Many times I would think how the extension of the constructed society is replicated after the human body.   Who constructed a Prison System that it is so barbaric, but yet they call it a “CELL” after the Molecular structure of the human body?   I have learned after being in a COLD, DESCIMATED CAGED cell for so long, that a CELL is  “LIVE or it is DEAD”.  I chose to make it alive and survive, which was never  accepted by my captors.  I MADE MY CELL ALIVE.   MANY have not discovered how or have the will to do so.  Therefore,  once you are placed in “ISOLATION” you are NOT to remain the same as you entered. Some come out stronger but, many lose themselves and never to return SANITY again.  I still today ask “How do they treat humans who need compassion, not torture. This is where my mental wheels started looking and dissecting the anger towards me and others like me regardless of color, even though color did add to their dislike/hate.   Therefore, I learned the contradiction in the usage of the term “CORRECTION.”  Their treatment is simply ANTI-LIFE, thinking inside of CONCRETE structural living. HUMANITY is devoid to exist OUTSIDE of my living CELL.   I wore GREEN uniforms.  LIFE is Green, ORGANIC and LIVING. Why treat another HUMAN in such demoralizing way.   I BEGIN TO QUESTION (Private conversation between me, myself and I) DON’T THEY KNOW WHEN YOU’RE AROUND NOTHING BUT STEEL & CONCRETE YOU DEVELOP  mental states to match. Humans become just that COLD & HARD.   This does not prepare humans for society,which is in need of serious compassion itself.    Thinking Green is such a healing & therapeutic change that it rejuvenates every part of your being.  HUMANITY begins here.