Lockdown on Rikers Shortlisted for the 2016 Brooklyn Eagles Literary Prize

“Mary E Buser’s book “Lockdown on Rikers” (St. Martin’s Press 9/29/2015), was recently shortlisted in the 2016 Brooklyn Eagles Literary Prize “Mary Buser’s book, is the story of her 5-year experience in the Mental Health Department at New York City’s Rikers Island.  From idealistic intern  who was going to “make a difference,” to disillusioned assistant chief of the solitary confinement unit, Ms. Buser’s journey chronicles life behind bars at one of the world’s most infamous correctional complexes.

Since leaving Rikers, Ms. Buser has been an advocate for the incarcerated, especially the mentally ill and those held in solitary confinement”.

We will keep you updated on the competition.