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New York’s State Prisons Are Brutal and Deadly. That’s Something We Can Change

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Suicide and Prevention Resource Guide in Corrections

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NASW-MD’s Legislative Committee Selects Solitary Confinement as one of its two social justice issues for Maryland’s 2019 General Assembly

NASW-MD’s Legislative Committee decided to support the solitary confinement bills which are being introduced in the current legislative session. As part of its efforts to promote the bills, the following article was printed in the Chapter’s Winter 2019 edition. Rabbi Charles Feinberg also provided a workshop at their Student Advocacy Day in Annapolis on prison reform,

Read “Solitary Confinement in Maryland” by Rabbi Charles Feinberg, Executive Director of Interfaith Action for Human Rights

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Update on the California Prisoner Human Rights Movement to End Indefinite Solitary Confinement, Ashker v. Governor of California Settlement

From Virginia’s Coalition on Solitary Confinement

Virginia’s Coalition on Solitary Confinement was successful in promoting a bill, which with modifications passed both houses.

Moya Atkinson, SWASC Member of the Coalition

Although the final bill is weaker than the Coalition had hoped, the fact that it was passed even in its amended form is considered to be a victory. 

The following article summarizes the issues around the weakened version:

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What Happened at the Brooklyn Jail Is Part of a Deeper Human Rights Crisis

By Bonnie KernessAmerican Friends Service Committee

PUBLISHED: February 15, 2019